Our Services

Using its own set of diagnostic tools and therapeutic techniques, Traditional Chinese Medicine Therapists always set out to correct the root of each illness instead of simply managing the symptoms.

Initial assessment (10 to 15 Minutes) $30
Treatment (30 minutes)$60
Chinese Herbal Medicine
Initial assessment and prescription$30
Follow-up prescription$20
Price of herb medicine additional.

At the Heritage Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Center we only use disposable needles in order to provide the safest, cleanest and best treatment for our patients. We also offer electro-acupuncture for some treatments.

Sometimes the treatment of an illness may require the combinations of various traditional Chinese methods as well as Chinese Herbal medicine. At Heritage Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Centre we offer herbal powder, herbal pills, and nutritional supplements.
Huo Guan (Fire cupping)
Combined with acupuncture treatment $20
As standalone treatment $30
Gua Sha
Each Treatment (10 minutes standard) $30

This therapy is used to relieve what is known as stagnation