History of Acupuncture
Acupuncture has a documented history of 2000 years but it has been in practice for over 4000 years.
The first known book on acupuncture is the Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Internal Medicine or Nei Qing Su Wen. It dates to 475-221 BC and possibly older. It is believed to be a compilation of work from many physicians.
Initially needles were made of stone and pottery. The first metal needles made from gold, silver, or bronze appeared approximately 2000 years ago
What is Acupuncture?
Acupuncture consists of using very fine needles to stimulate certain points on the patients body called acupoints. These are carefully selected according to each patients condition. Only disposable needles are used in the Heritage Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Centre.
These few needles allow for a better flow of qi or energy in the body, bringing to balance the ying and the yang.
Acupuncture causes very little discomfort or pain. It is regularly paired with infra-red lamps during the treatment session with herbal medicine for use at home, if indicated.

What is an Acupoint?
Acupoints are located along channels in which energy flows. This energy is known as Qi.
There are 365 acupoints on the body.
They can be used individually or in combination to create powerful treatment effects.
Example: Treatment for headaches
What are Channels?
Channels are a network of invisible pathways along which Qi travels.
There are 14 channels which travel from head to toe and through the limbs connecting all the internal organs
If you had a birds eye view of the city, youd notice the major roadways connecting various neighborhoods. Channels are like those roadways that extend throughout your body.
The channels are often named after the organs which they travel through. For example the heart channel travels through the heart and down the arms. Therefore, the heart may be treated by acupoints on the arm.
Example: Heart Palpitations

How Does Acupuncture Work?

Eastern Perspective
select various acupoints according to each persons health condition
to disperse any blockage in the flow of Qi through the channels
This brings your Qi into balance.
Western Perspective
acupuncture has been shown to help release endorphins
regulate the autonomic nervous system
affect the circulation and immune system.
But there is still much Western science has not been able to explain about acupuncture

What Does Acupuncture Treat
In Chinese medicine, it is recognized that each patient is unique
Even for conditions of the same name, the causes may be different and each patient will experience the symptoms in different ways.
Theoretically, acupuncture can treat any illness because it is individualized and seeks to bring balance to the body
In practice, acupuncture is used more for chronic than acute illness
Aches/Pains i.e. Musculo-skeletal conditions
Mental/Spiritual i.e. stress
Physical Conditions i.e. digestive, circulatory, reproductive problems etc
Acute viral infections i.e. Acute eye infection
Severe chronic illnesses i.e. cancer
Preventative treatment